Índice de siglas

1. Referencias Generales

OS — Operating system

OSL — OS Service Layer

ABI — Application Binary Interface, Wikipedia

NSVCA — Name Stream Version Context Architecture — Fedora Docs NSVCA

HDL — Hardware Description Language

HPET — High Precision Event Timer

APIC — Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller

LAPIC — Local component, integrado en el procesador

SMI — System Management Interrupt (desambiguación-wikipedia).

PCMCIA — Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

SPI — Serial Peripheral Interface — Interfase de periféricos en serie.

PIC — Programmable Interrupt Controller

DSP — Procesado Digital de Señal — Wikipedia

ADC — Conversor de Analógia a digital -señal,

FPGA — Matrices de puertas reconfigurables FPGA - wikipedia

CPLD — Complex Programable Logic Device CPLD - wikipedia

DPMI — DOS Protected Mode Interface

PCB — Process Control Block - define el estado actual del sistema operativo.

IP — Intellectual Property(desambiguación).

DMI — Desktop Management Interface.

DMI(intel) — Direct Media Interface(desambiguación)

UMI(amd) — Unified Media Interface

DVI — Digital Visual Interface

GPGPU — General Purpous Computing on GPU

PE’s — Processing Elements

API — Application Programming Interface

CRT — Tubo de Rayos Catódicos

TDP — Thermal Design Power. Indica la cantidad de W de calor, que puede disipar el sistema antes de alcanzar el máximo d.

FMA — Fused Multiply-Add. Mejora para el cálculo de operaciones con punto flotante.

PASID — Process Adress Space Identifiers, Identificadores del espacio de direccionamiento de proceso.

EDID — Extended Display Identification Data

JIT — Just In Time

PAE — Phisical Address Extension

FPU — (Floating Poinmt Unit)??

FLOPS — Floatin Point per second

MIPS — Millions of instructions per second

LUN — Logical Unit Number

PMMU — paged memory management unit

RCU — Read Copy Update rcu

PME — power management event support

UUID — User Unique Identifier

CSR — Cambridge Silicon Radio

IPC — InterProcess Communication

SMP — Symmetric multiprocessing

SMBUS — o SMB, System Management Bus

MCA — Micro Channel Architecture

VLB — VESA Local Bus

AER — Advanced Error Reporting

NFS — Networ File System

GPM — relacionado con una interfase para ratón(controlador de ventos). Una “especie de Clipboard”.

ABRT — Automatic Bug Reporting Tool

MBR — Master Boot Record

EBR — Extended Boot Record, logical partition precedent sector unalloc space

ACM — comunication device class Abstract Control Model interfase

UART — Universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter

HPC — High Performance Computing

PXE — Preboot Execution Environment

NBP — network bootstrap program. Programa _trampa de red_

TFTP — Trivial File Transfer Protocol PXELinux - wiki

1.1 Referencias SO

SysV — SysV init run level system /etc/rc.d/

Systemd — a system and a service manager

Udev — Dynamic Device management

1.2 Placas

OEM — Original Equipment Manufacture

SoC — Sistemas en Chip

SCI — System Control Interrupt

ISA — Industry Standard Architecture, también llamado I/O channel.

ASIC — Circuitos Integrados de Aplicación Específica

PCI — Peripheral Component Interconnect

PCI-SIG — PCI Special Interest Group

BIOS — Basic Input Output System

CMOS — Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (RTC and basic info PC config)

SMBIOS — System Management BIOS, define data structures & acces methods to read BIOS.

Northdridge — Comunicacion directa con CPU y PCI-Express

SouthBridge — Otras operaciones secundarias sobre PCI — (Serial ATA, SCSI)???

ICH — Input/Output Controller Hub - SouthBridge

AoE — ATA over Ethernet

HID — Human Interface Device, it take INPUTS and give OUTPUTS.[hardware/hid]:[hid.md]

HCI — Host Controller Interface

HCD — Host Controller Driver

OHCI — Open Host Controller Interface to talk to USB 1.1 - ver xHCI.md

UHCI — Universal Host Controller Interface - ver xHCI.md

EHCI — Enhanced Host Controller Interface - ver xHCI.md

AHCI — Advanced Host Controller Interface

xHCI — Extensible Host Controller Interface [hardware/driver][xHCI.md]

OC — OverClocking

G Connector — especie de borna hueca, para alojar otros conectores(placas AMD).

Form Factor(FF) — Standard ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ATX, Nano ATX, Pico ATX

AT — Advanced Tecnology

ATX — Advanced Tecnology Extended

FBS — Front Side Bus

Mother Board — sadly called “mobo” thing.

RTC — Real Time Clock

2. Referencias Memorias/chips

ROM — Read Only Memory

PROM — Programmable Read Only Memory

EPROM — Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

EEPROM — Electricaly Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

FLASH — rams de nueva generacion necesita explicar!

RAM — Random Acces Memory

MCU — Memory Controller Unit

DRAM — Dynamic Random Acces Memory

DRAM — RAM dinamica “memoria principal del sistema”

SRAM — RAM estatica (común en el procesador como memoria caché)


NVRAM — Non Volatile RAM, llamada CMOS RAM en PCs, guarda la config de la BIOS

CMOS — tipo de memoria, usa la bateria de litio del sistema para guardar los datos tras offlined.

SADC — System Activity Data collector

FPGA — Field-programmable gate array(integrated circuit)

MMU — Memory Management Unit

IOMMU — I/O Memory Management Unit.

MMIO — Memory Maped I/O — Wikipedia.

DMA — Direct Memory Acces

DDR — Double Data Rate

DDRx — desambiguación// Data Direction Register

GDDR5 — Double Data Rate type five Synchronous Graphics Random-acces Memory

DDR SDRAM — Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random-Acces Memory

IMC — Integrated Memory Controller

MCH — Memory Controller Hub

MLC — Multi-Level Cell

NAND — Logical NAND o NAND -Not AND

NOR — Logical NOR, Not OR

VRM — Voltage Regulator Module Wikipedia

FIVR — Fully Integrated Voltage Regulator

PCB — Printed Circuit Board

CFI — Common flash memory interface

ECC memory — Error-correcting code memory

OOM — Out Of Memory manager

EDAC — Error Detection And Correction

DAC — Digital Audio Converter

LDPC — Low-Density parity-check code

SDDC — (Intel) Single Device Data Correction

MLC — Multi-Level Cell

SLC — Single-Level Cell

HBC — Human Based Computation

HMC — Hybrid Memory Cube

TSV — Through-Silicon Vias

HBM2 — High Bandwidth Memory(2ª generacion). Wikipedia

MTRR — Memory Type Range Registers.

MRPC — Memory-maped Remote Procedure Call

RSS — Resident Set Memory Size

MSB — Most Significant Bit?

LSB — Less Significant Bit?

SSP — Synchronous Serial Protocol

PSP — Programable Serial Protocol

MOSI — Master Out Slave In

MISO — Master In Slave Out

TXT — Trusted Execution Technology (intel TXT)

ISP — in-system-programming

PDI — Program and Debug Interface

AVR — family of microcontrollers developed by Atmel.

AVR — Alf and Vegard’s Risc (commonly accepted).

MIPS — Millions of Instructions Per Second

PXE — Preboot Execution Enviroment

JTAG — the Join Test Action Group

MCU — Memory Controller Unit (desambiguación - wikipedia)

GPIO — General Purpose input/output (port/Ver ACPI) pin genérico en un circuito integrado.

POST — Power-On Self-Test

UDMA — Ultra Direct Memory Acces

NPU — Network Processing unnit

SPD — Serial Presence Detect SPD Wikipedia

3. Referencias Disco Duro

IDE — Integrated Drive Electronic

ATA — AT Attachment — Wikipedia Paralel ATA

ATAPI — AT Attachment Packet Interface

PATA — Parallel ATA — Wikipedia Paralel ATA

SATA — Serial ATA

SAS — Serial Attached SCSI

MBR — Master Boot Record

VBR — Volume Boot Record

LBA — Logical Block Addressing — Wikipedia

CHS — Cylinder Head Sector

GUID — Globally Unique Identifiers — Wikipedia

GPT — GUID Partition Table — Wikipedia

EFI — Extensible Firmware Interface

UEFI — Unified Extensible Firmware Interface — Wikipedia

HDD — Hard Disk Drive

SSD — Solid State Drive

SSHD — Solid State Hybrid Drive

4. Referencias a Unidades de procesamiento

UMA — Unified Memory architecture (memoria no dedicada) Wikipedia

NUMA — Non Uniform Memory Acces (policy to alocate memory areas)[hardware/procesador]:[numa.md]

HSA — (AMD) Heterogeneus System Architecture

CPU — Central Process Unit, Unidad de Procesador Central.

APU — Accelerated Processing Unit, is a CPU and a GPU on a single die, known as Fusion.

OPP — Operating Performance Points - lwn.net/OPP

DVFS — Dynamic Voltatage and Frequency Scaling - wikia/DVFS

MPS — Multiprocessor Specification

MSR — Model Specific Registers

AMD64 — the x86_64 chipset invented by AMD

LMSLE — (CPU-AMD) Long Mode Segment Limit Enable

IA64 — Intel Itanium chipseet

IA32 — Intel architecture, 32-bit.

8080 — Tipo de procesador (arquitectura)comprobar

LONG MODE — 64bit OS can acces 64bit instructions

REAL MODE — or virtual 8086 mode, apps can’t run on LONG MODE

UNREAL MODE — intel 80286, ega video type

SMM — System Management Moode or rin-2, all execution is suspended

VIA — Marca de fabricante, ...chips VIA.


SRAT — tabla… ACPI

I2C — Inter-integrated Circuit I²C - wikipedia

SMC — System Management Controller, Intel subsystem processor-based SMC - wikipedia

TLB — Translation Lookaside Buffer(Traducción Lateral del Buffer)

VIPT — Virtually Indexed, Physicaly Tagged

OoO — Out-of-Order, Out-of-Order and Speculative execution

ROB — Re-Order Buffer

PTE — Page Table Entry

SGX — Software Guard Extensions, Intel technology

EPT — Extended page Tables

SMT — Simultaneous Multi-Threading

LLC — Last Level Cache, último nivel de caché

5. Referencias APM(Advanced Power Management)

APM — Advanced Power Management [hardware/apm]:[apm.md]

6. Referencias Acpi/Acpica/Tablas-Acpi

ASWG — ACPI Specification Working Group

API — Application Programming Interface

ACPI — Advanced Control Power Interface

ACPICA —ACPI Component Architecture

SLIC — System Licensed Internal Code

OSI — Operating System Interfaces" (_OSI)

OSPM — Operating System directed Power Management

BGRT — Tabla de recursos del arranque de gráficos.

CSRT — Tabla de recursos del núcleo del sistema.

DBG2 — Tabla 2 del puerto de depuración.

DSDT — Sistema de Descripción de Tabla Diferenciado

DMAR — DMA Remapping table

DRHD — DMA Remapping Hardware Unit Definition

RMRR — Reserved memory Region Reporting Structure

ZLR — Zero length reads from PCI devices

IOVA — IO Virtual address.


FACS — Firmware ACPI Control Structure

FADT — Tabla de Descripcion fija ACPI

FPDT — Tabla para la mejora de datos del firmware.


HPET — Hight Precision Event Timer

MADT — Tabla controlador múltiple de interrupción.




SSDT — System Service Desription Table- Tabla de descripción de servicio de sistema



DSL — .dsl — extension, disassembled ASL

AML — ACPI Machine Language

ASL — ACPI Source Language


GPE — General Purpouse Events

SCI — Sistema de control de Interrupcion

7. Referencias a Video

AGP — Accelerated Graphics Port

APU — Accelerated Processing Unit, is a CPU and a GPU on a single die, known as Fusion.

GPU — Graphic Processing Unit.

ATI — GPU vendor acquired by AMD in 2006.

GART — Graphics Address Remapping table.

HUD — Heads Up Display, el jad, o hud. Arriva las manos.

DVB — Digital Video Broadcasting.

SM — Streaming Multiprocesor. También llamado SMM.

DVMT — Dynamic Video Memory Technology — Wikipedia DVMT

8. Referencias a Servidores modulares(Rack)

KVM, conmutador — Teclado, Video, Ratón(Keyboard, Video, Mouse) — Wikipedia

CPD, Centro Procesamiento de Datos —

CRM, Cluster Resource Manager —

SAI, Sistema de Alimentación Ininterrumpida —

HPC, High-Performance Computing —

MRG, Messaging Realtime Grid —

REST, REpresentational State Transfer Interface —

DAC, Discretionay Access Control —

MAC, Mandatory Access Control —

9. Referencias a Supuestos

CMMA — Collaborative Memory Management Assist

Intel-VT — Virtualization technology(by Intel)

AMD-V — Virtualization technology(by AMD side), initialy SVM(“Flag”, Secure Virtual Machine)

Qemu, — Quick Emulator(apuntes)Wikipedia

KVM — kernel-based virtual machine, KVM

10. Referencia criptografia

GPG — GnuPG, GNU Privacy Guard

SELinux —


bss — Basis Service Set. on static libs, the need to init vars before call it(c/c++).

HMAC — Hash-Based message authentification code.

11. Referencias Cryptomonedas

ETC — Ethereum Classic

ETH — Ethereum

BlockChain — Distributed database (equiparable al commit!). Registro público de una transaccion de bitcoin.

Block — record in the block chain contining “confirms” and many “waiting transactions”

DAO — Descentralised Autonomous Organisation

DAPP — Decentralized Application

Bitcoin — The concept, the net!

bitcoin — units of account, unidad de medida.

bit — subunidad del bitcoin(BTC, XBT)

hash rate — measuring unit of the processing power of the Bitcoin network.

Contract — an account which contains, and is controlled by EVM code.

EVM code — Ethereum Virtual Machine Code. Programming language

Message — a sort of “virtual transaction” sent by EVM code

Uncle — The gender-neutral alternative to aunt/uncle

Ommer — a child of a parent, of a parent of a block that is not a parent. Child of an ancestor.

Censorship Fault — a validator failing to accept valid messages from other validators.

PoW — Proof of Work

DAG — Direct Acyclic Graph

12. Referencias/enlaces

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